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  • Enterprise Dashboard

    Cinque Terre

    Registration Form that provides access to buy,sell or advertise

    • This will get a confirmation link to you email.
  • Login

    Cinque Terre

    User Login

    A flexible and secure user administration suite that lets you add your business/ search for your requirements post your requirements.

  • User Dashbaord

    Cinque Terre

    Member Dashboard

    A comprehensive dashboard suite that helps you analyse the functioning of your business. Broad classification of business are

    • Send Quotations (Seller)
    • Receive Quotations (Buyer)
    • Procurement Management (Manage your projects)

    The quotations can also be delivered to your quotation section on a daily basis for easy access.

  • Procurement Management

    Cinque Terre

    Procurement Management

    You can add project and sub task

    • Assign Leader
    • Time for completion
    • Location
    • Select the quotations.
  • Post Advertisement

    Cinque Terre


    Location Specific Advertisement

    • You post your advertisment as per the location

    Additionally, settings & preferences for notifications, home location & default route can be maintained through the tracker app.

  • Report on advertisement

    Cinque Terre

    Automatic notifications on the publised advertisement

    • Notification mode : Hits
    • Notifications mode: impressions